Racist Ben Gvir Forms Police Team Targeting Peace Activists in Occupied West Bank

Racist National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir has established a special team within the Israeli Police force to target and arrest peace activists in the occupied West Bank, according to a Tuesday report.

“I am invisible”: Well-known anti-occupation activist Rabbi Arik Ascherman, founder and director of Torat Tzedek (Torah of Justice), who was arrested several times by Israeli police in the West Bank (Photo: Notre Dame University)

The Ynet report said that the police minister accused the activists of passing on information about the now-sanctioned settlers to the US administration and European countries. According to an anonymous security official who spoke to Ynet the peace activists fit into three categories. “First, foreign nationals who come here from all over the world straight to the territories and create provocations against IDF soldiers. Second, tourists who come here under the guise of a visit, but end up at the same areas of tension in Judea and Samaria. Third, Israeli citizens who confront IDF soldiers,” he explained. The official added that the team began operating two weeks ago, and has already arrested a number of people.

“The attempt by convicted terrorist Ben Gvir to keep peace activists away from the West Bank is a dangerous, fascistic step taken from dark regimes. This is a clear attempt to persecute those who expose incidents of violence, dispossession and robbery by settlers against Palestinians,” said the Peace Now organization, which campaigns to end Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories.

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