464 Palestinians Killed in Occupied West Bank Since October 7

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said Sunday, April 14, that 464 civilians were killed and 4,800 others were injured in the occupied West Bank since October 7, 2023. The ministry said in a brief statement that four Palestinians were killed and about 60 others were injured, most of them by bullets from the occupation forces and settlers, including 10 seriously injured, since last Friday.

Thousands of displaced Palestinians taking the coastal Rashid Road as they attempt to return to Gaza City. April 14, 2024 (Photo: WAFA)

It explained that the slain Palestinians were identified as Muhammad Issam Shahmawi, 22, from Tubas, Muhammad Rasoul Daraghmeh, 26, from Tubas, Jihad Afif Sidqi Abu Aliya, 25, from Al-Mughayir, and Omar Ahmed Hamed, 17, from Beitin.

In the Gaza Strip, five Palestinian civilians, including a woman, were Sunday killed, and others were injured, as a result of occupation artillery targeting displaced people on Al-Rashid Street while they were trying to return to Gaza City.

According WAFA the occupation forces stationed near Al-Rashid Street fired artillery shells, fire, and poison gas bombs at the displaced people while they were trying to return to Gaza City, killing five civilians and injuring others. The sources added that hundreds of citizens are trying to return to northern Gaza through Wadi Gaza Bridge on Al-Rashid Street, but only a small number of them succeeded in reaching northern areas.

Some social media pages posted news that the occupation forces conditionally allowed displaced civilians to return to the northern Gaza Strip. However, the news turned out to be false, and Israeli soldiers opened fire on anyone who tried to return to the north. Thousands of Gazans flooded the coast road north on Sunday after hearing that several people managed to cross a closed checkpoint towards Gaza City, despite Israel denying it was open.

An AFP journalist saw mothers holding their children’s hands and families piling onto donkey carts with their luggage as they made the journey.

“Further to the reports that IDF forces are allowing the return of residents to the north of the Gaza Strip, these are false reports,” the Israeli army said in a statement. “The IDF will not allow the return of residents either through the Salah A-Din axis or through the Rashid axis [the coast]. The northern area of ​​the Gaza Strip is still a combat zone and it will not be possible to return to it,” the military added. More than 1.5 million Palestinians have taken refuge in the southern city of Rafah, according to the United Nations.

According the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the number of civilians killed since the onset of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip on October 7 has reached 33,729. Some 76,371 others were injured. Thousands remain missing under rubble or scattered on the roads, as ambulances and rescue teams continue to report their inability to reach them.

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