Hadash-Ta’al Chair Odeh Accuses Lapid of Constantly Lying

Hadash-Ta’al MK Ayman Odeh accuses liberal opposition leader MK Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) of “constantly lying,” pointing to comments he made earlier today saying the Arab-Jewish list is working together with Likud. “He knows that it doesn’t have a grain of truth, that it’s all lies,” Odeh says Monday at a faction meeting in the Knesset of the Hadash-Ta’al parliamentary faction. “You didn’t succeed in leading your camp in the election, you’re not succeeding in leading the opposition,” Odeh says to Lapid. “You got used to the ‘nice Arab,” therefore it’s hard for you to deal with Arabs with a backbone.”

MK Ayman Odeh arrive to help Palestinians plant trees in the occupied West Bank (Photo: Zo Haderech)

Odeh accuses Lapid of leading a government “that killed 114 Palestinians. Tell me: is there one Jewish politician who would support a government that killed 114 Jews?” Nevertheless, Odeh added, “it was not Hadash-Ta’al that brought down the past government.” Regardless, Odeh adds, his faction is willing to work with the opposition against the current government “in a way that is consistent with our values.”

Odeh was responding to Lapid’s comments earlier today when the opposition leader was asked why Hadash-Ta’al was not part of opposition party meetings. Lapid in response accused Hadash-Ta’al of “working with Likud” against his camp.

Speaking at a Yesh Atid faction meeting, Lapid continues on Monday his harsh criticism of the government’s judicial reform plans. “This isn’t judicial reform — this is extreme regime change, this is canceling the Declaration of Independence, this is cutting Israel off from the family of liberal countries,” Lapid says. “This isn’t fixing democracy — this is eliminating democracy.”

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