Communist and Workers’ Parries Joint Declaration in Solidarity with the Iranian People

Dozens of communist and workers’ parties published recently the following joint declaration on the latest developments in the Iran since mid-September 2022:  

In line with the Action Plan unanimously agreed at the 22nd International Meeting of Communists and Worker’s Parties in Havana, Cuba, held in October 2022, we express “our solidarity with the just causes of the people of Iran including with the Iranian communists who face persecution and prohibitions on free exercise of their political rights; to stand against dictatorial regimes, repression, and discrimination in terms of democratic rights and freedoms” in that country. 

The current mass protests in Iran, which began after the death of Mahsa Amini in the custody of the “Morality Police” on 16 September – with the country’s women and youth at the forefront – have condemned the repressive state policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) and called for fundamental systemic political changes. Mass demonstrations across Iran have been brutally suppressed by the police and plainclothes security forces of the IRI.

People gathered in Melbourne, Australia in solidarity with the Iranian protests, September 2022 (Photo: Matt Hrkac / Wikimedia)

Confirmed reports put the number of the protestors killed by the state’s repressive measures at more than 500, including 57 children, while hundreds more are injured and around 18,000 have been arrested.  

The IRI’s judiciary has confirmed that the trial of about 1000 protesters has already started.  Several defendants have already been charged with “enmity with god”, “fighting against Islam” and “endangering the national security of the Islamic state” and sentenced to death.  These trial processes fall massively short of even the most basic standards of legal due process and a fair and lawful trial. We strongly denounce the use of the death penalty – particularly as punishment solely for engaging in peaceful protests and political activities and for exercising the right to free speech or freedom to join a political or social organization of one’s choice.

We support the legitimate struggle of the Iranian people for peace, human and democratic rights, sovereignty, and social justice. Their struggle to determine the future of their country- free from any intimidation, oppression, or violence – is their legitimate right. We call for the immediate and unconditional release of all detainees and an immediate halt to the torture and execution of protesters. 

We also strongly reject any interference by imperialism and reactionary regimes in the Middle East in Iran’s internal affairs. The future direction of political developments in Iran is a decision solely for the people of Iran themselves.

Among the signatory parties to the joint statement: Communist Party of Albania, Communist Party of Australia, Communist Party of Austria, Party of Labor of Austria, Democratic Progressive Tribune, Bahrain; Communist Party of Bangladesh, Communist Party of Belgium, Workers Party of Belgium, Brazilian Communist Party, Communist Party of Britain, Communist Party of Canada, Communist Party of Chile, Colombian Communist Party, Socialist Workers Party of Croatia, AKEL, Cyprus; Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia, Communist Party of Denmark, Communist Party in Denmark, Egyptian Communist Party, Communist Party of Finland, French Communist Party, German Communist Party, Communist Party of Greece, Communist Party of India [Marxist], Communist Party of India, Tudeh Party of Iran, Iraqi Communist Party, Communist Party of Kurdistan-Iraq, Communist Party of Ireland, Workers Party of Ireland, Communist Party of Israel, Party of the Communist Refoundation (Italy), Jordanian Communist Party, Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan, Communist Party of Malta, Communist Party of Mexico, New Communist Party of the Netherlands, Communist Party of Norway, Communist party of Pakistan, Palestinian Communist Party, Palestinian People Party, Philippines Communist Party [PKP 1930], Communist Party of Poland, Russian Communist Workers Party, New Communist Party of Yugoslavia, Party Communists of Serbia, South African Communist Party, Communist Party of Spain, Communist Party of the Workers of Spain, Communists of Catalonia, Communist Party of Sri Lanka, Sudanese Communist Party, Communist Party of Swaziland, Communist Party of Sweden, Syrian Communist Party [Unified], Communist Party of Turkey, Communist Party of Ukraine, Communist Party USA, Communist Party of Venezuela and JVP Sri Lanka.