MK Odeh: The Right’s Only Hope for Victory is To Suppress Arab Votes

The Hadash and Ta’al list led by Knesset members Ayman Odeh and Ahmed Tibi, released a new election campaign video urging the Arab public to vote in the elections in order to stop the right-wing parties’ intention to carry out a new Nakba.

Hadash-Ta’al leaders: MKs Ahmad Tibi, Ayman Odeh and Ofer Cassif, during an electoral meeting held in Tel-Aviv, October 12, 2022 (Photo: Zo Haderech)

The video opens with clips showing former Treasury Minister MK Yisrael Katz (Likud) saying, “Remember 1948, remember our War of Independence and your ‘Nakba'” and former Transport Minister MK Bezalel Smotrich (Religious Zionism) saying, “Supporters of terror, enemies, you are here by mistake, because Ben-Gurion didn’t finish the job and didn’t throw you out in 1948.” Against the background of these words, the words of Odeh are quoted, “We are breaking our way through the rock of discrimination, racism, (Jewish) supremacy and incitement.” “The truth of the struggle is exhausting and there is sacrifice in it, but the failure is much more exhausting in the long run,” Odeh says.

Meanwhile, speaking an election conference in Sakhnin, Odeh warned against the intention of the right to act to “suppress voting in the Arab sector”. Odeh claimed that Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu imported this idea from the US, similar to the suppression of voting among Afro-Americans, stressing that “this is the only hope of the fascist and settler right to come to power.”

On last week, racist MK Itamar Ben Gvir speaking at a conference organized by Channel 12, says he would like “to deport in ships and planes those who harm IDF soldiers,” including Hadash-Ta’al leaders.

Israeli TV surveys predict a deadlock after the upcoming November 1 elections, with both giving the right-wing religious bloc supporting Benjamin Netanyahu 60 seats — one short of a majority — versus 56 for the bloc of parties opposed to him.

A Channel 12 news survey gives Netanyahu’s Likud 31 seats; Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid 24; Religious Zionism, 14; National Unity, 11; Shas 8; United Torah Judaism 7; Yisrael Beytenu 6; Labor 6; Meretz 5; Hadash-Ta’al 4; and Ra’am 4. Ayelet Shaked’s Jewish Home party fails to cross the 3.25% electoral threshold, getting 1.9%, while the Arab Balad gets 1.3%.

A poll by Channel 13 news gives Likud 32 seats; Yesh Atid 26; Religious Zionism 13; National Unity 11; Shas 8; United Torah Judaism 7; Labor 5; Meretz 5; Yisrael Beytenu 5; Ra’am 4; and Hadash-Ta’al 4. This survey gives Balad 2.2%, still below the threshold, while Jewish Home gets 1.5%.

The Hadash-Ta’al video: