2 Women Refusing Army Induction Receive Additional Jail Sentences

Tair Kaminer and Omri Baranes have both received additional jail sentences for their continued refusal to be inducted into the Israeli army as an expression of their opposition to the occupation. Kaminar has been imprisoned again, this for her sixth time, having received a sentence of another 45 days. Baranes is now serving her third term of incarceration, having received another 30 days.

Hadash activists have issued the following statement: “The Israeli army (IDF) officers and their apparatus have achieved new heights of vindictiveness and cruelty in their war against two young women who refuse to serve the occupation. This is a really cruel and unjustly vicious retaliation by the IDF, and against whom? — two young women holding high the banner of justice, equality and peace, and this is their only crime.”

Tair Kaminer and Omri Baranes

Tair Kaminer and Omri Baranes (Photo: Messarvot)

According to an editorial in Haaretz published on May: 6 “The IDF must stop mistreating Kaminer and other conscientious objectors, and allow them perform civilian service instead.” The Haaretz editorial went on to say: “The army’s fear of these young people stems from the unjustified concern that others will follow in their footsteps. But the draconian measures taken against them betray a lack of moral confidence and a weak ethical backbone.”

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