The Communist Party of Cuba supports the struggle of the Palestinian people to regain all their rights

The Communist Party of Cuba reaffirmed its support to the struggle of the Palestinian people to regain all their rights, including the establishment of their independent State with Eastern Jerusalem as its capital, according to al letter sent by the Central Committee to the participants of the 26th Congress of the Communist Party in Israel (CPI). A leading Palestine People’s Party member, Hanna Amirah, said yesterday in the opening event of the CPI’s 26th Congress that Palestine is demanding before the UN recognition as an independent state, within the borders existing prior to the 1967 Israeli occupation.

A CPI leading member, Tamar Gozansky, during the opening event of the 26th Congress (Photo: Al Ittihad)

Thousands participated in the opening event of the 26th Congress, who was held yesterday night in Haifa. The discussions will take place this weekend in Nazareth (March 16-17th). Hundreds delegates from all over Israel, Jews and Arabs, will take part in the Congress and foreign delegations from various countries: Palestine (Palestine Liberation Organization and Palestinian People’s Party), Germany (Left Party – Die Linke and German Communist Party – DKP), Spain (Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain), Belgium (Worker’s Party), Italy (Party of Italian Communists), Britain (Communist Party of Britain), Denmark (Red-Green Alliance), Greece (Communist Party of Greece – KKE), Portugal (Communist Party of Portugal) and Cyprus (Progressive Party of Working People – AKEL)

Among the subjects that will be on the agenda for discussion in the CPI Congress: (1) The world capitalist crisis and the changes in Israeli capitalism; (2) Developments in the Arab world, following the popular uprisings; (3) The working class in Israel and the CPI’s activity among its ranks; (4) Achieving a just and lasting peace; Defending democracy and stopping fascism; (5) The struggle for complete equality for the Arab minority within Israel; (6) Struggling against Zionism; (7) Socialism in the 21st Century.


              The opening event of the Communist Party of Israel 26th Congress