Police Bans Annual Rally Against Occupation and War in Tel-Aviv

Israeli police bans annual rally against occupation and war in Tel-Aviv planned by anti-occupation groups coalition “Partnership for Peace” for tomorrow (Saturday) to mark 57 years since the Palestinian territories became occupied and against the ongoing war in Gaza.

Organizers say the police first asked them to change the location and time of a march to the protest, to which they agreed. They then signed a document with their assessment that no more than 2,000 people would attend. However, on Tuesday, the organizers were told that because of cops’ “workload”, the march was canceled, and they would only be permitted to hold a meeting at one location: Habima Square in Central Tel-Aviv at 5 p.m.

Thousands participated last year in the annual rally against occupation held by Hadash and de Communist Party of Israel at Dizengoff Street in Central Tel-Aviv, June 2023 (Photo: Zo Haderech)

Among the civil society and human rights organizations who are members of the coalition: Hadash, Young Communist League, Academia for Equality, All That’s Left, Itach-Ma’aki- Women Lawyers for Social Justice,  Mothers Against Violence, Isha L’Isha Feminist Center in Haifa, The School for Peace at Neve Shalom,  Gush Shalom, Democracy for All, The Bloc Against Occupation, Parents Against Child Detention, Zochrot, Mother’s Cry , Yesh Gvul,  This is Not an Ulpan, Combatants for Peace, Mahsom Watch, Mesarvot, Women Against Violence, Osim Shalom – Social Workers for Peace, Oz VeShalom, Standing Together, Ir Amim, Coexistence Forum in the Negev, Parents Circle Families Forum, Psychoactive, Jordan Valley Activists, New Profile, Free Jerusalem, Rabbis for Human Rights,  Mizrachi Civil Collective, Breaking Walls , Breaking the Silence, Torat Tzedek, Tandi – Democratic Women Movement in Israel, Ta’al – Arab Movement for Change,, Haqel – Alliance for the Protection of Human Rights and Mothers for Life.

The police have also interfered yesterday (Thursday) with another protest in Tel Aviv, According Haaretz, a police officer called a co-founder of the Pink Front anti-government protest group on Wednesday to advise him to avoid political content when marching to in Tel Aviv’s Pride rally.

The officer’s call to Yaniv Segal came after the Pink Front announced plans to hold a march before linking up with a march organized by IGY, Israel Gay Youth, and other LGBTQ organizations, which received police approval. During the call, the officer asked whether participants would wave signs with slogans about the government and said police had approved a “nonpolitical” march. “Just make sure tomorrow that there’s no political dimension,” the officer replied.

Following the call, Segal told Haaretz that “for the LGBTQ community, the personal is the political. The homophobia, violence and incitement originate in the halls of government, and we won’t be deterred from raising our voice against that.”

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