Relatives of Hostages in Gaza Block Tel Aviv’s Ayalon Highway

Relatives of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza blocked Tel Aviv’s Ayalon Highway on Friday, February 23, with a Shabbat dinner table, light smoke bombs and fires while calling for the release of their loved ones. Family members hold Shabbat prayers and set up empty chairs representing the 134 hostages that remain inside the Strip.

Hostages’ families set up a Shabbat dinner table and urge an immediate deal to release their loved ones from captivity, blocking the Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv, February 23, 2024 (Photo: Black Flag Protest)

At the same hour in Jerusalem, dozens of Israeli peace activists gathered at Paris Square to express “pain and rage at the murdering of thousands of people in Gaza.” “As we stand here, millions of people are being starved and forced to flee bombed out cities. Nothing can justify these war crimes, conducted by our government. These crimes will also not bring home the hostages, or allow any of us to feel safe. From our devastation for those already killed, we demand that this war end,” members of Free Jerusalem group said. Another protest against the war in Gaza was held Friday morning in Jaffa by a group of women activists.