Police Banned Jewish-Arab Meeting Against the War in Haifa

The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee announced held a press conference Thursday in the northern city of Nazareth following police ban on a scheduled Jewish-Arab meeting that was supposed to be held in Haifa on the against the war and its tragical consequences.

Higher Arab Monitoring Committee chairman Mohammad Barakeh (Photo: Social TV)

According to the committee, the umbrella organization of Arab society in Israel, the police threatened the owners of the hall where the event was slated to take place with closure if it went ahead as planned.

“This step is extremely dangerous and reveals a worsening of the fascist and anti-democratic attack. It is part of a political blockade against Arab citizens in Israel, which includes preventing dialogue with progressive and democratic movements in Jewish society,” said committee chairman Mohammad Barakeh, a former Hadash MK and a leading member of the Communist Party of Israel.