Hundreds Protest Outside Netanyahu’s Vacation Spot in Occupied Golan Heights

Placards erected in and around Neve Ativ settlement protesting the judicial overhaul were vandalized overnight into Monday after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara arrived afternoon at the Syrian occupied Golan Heights for vacation.

A protest near Netanyahu’s house in Caesarea, September 24, 2023 (Photo: Black Flag Protest)

The couple had arrived in the early hours of Monday morning for the planned getaway, to head off any disruption or repeat of their stay at the same location in August. At the time, protests against the prime minister and subsequent road closures frustrated local residents.

After news emerged of the couple’s overnight arrival, hundreds of protesters announced that they would demonstrate at “a democracy sukkah set up opposite the Netanyahu’s’ suite at 4 p.m.,” referring to the traditional booths set up for the festival of Sukkot. Last week, after finding out that the premier and his wife were planning to visit again, local settlers said that a request had been sent to the couple asking them “to cancel the planned visit,” but Netanyahu rebuffed that appeal.

Protesters pursued Netanyahu throughout the country and abroad, like on his recent trip to the US, where he met with world leaders and spoke at the United Nations General Assembly.

Also, on Monday protesters opposed to the far-right government heckled Defense Minister Yoav Gallant during a speech in Northern Israel. A group of activists stood up from the crowd and chanted “de-mo-cra-cy,” a slogan of the protest movement, at Gallant as he spoke during a festival marking 50 years since the Yom Kippur War at the Ein Gev kibbutz.