Hadash Students Rally in Universities Against Crime Wave in Arab Community

Hadash students, Arabs and Jews, rallied Sunday in the universities of Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ben-Gurion and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in protest of the ongoing crime wave across the Arab community and the failure of the far-right government and police to take serious action against this phenomenon.

During the demonstration, students raised banners in Hebrew and Arabic condemning all forms of violence and murder, including “Arab blood is not cheap” and “The police are partners in crime.”

Palestinian flags at the protest rally at Tel Aviv University, Sunday, June 11, 2023 (Photo: Zo Haderech)

On last Thursday, five Arabs, including a 15-year-old, were shot dead at a carwash in the town of Yafua, a town near the city of Nazareth. Since the start of the year, 102 people have been killed in crime-related violence in Arab communities according to Al-Ittihad newspaper. Hadash and the Communist Party of Israel have long blamed the police for turning a blind eye to gun violence among Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel and even complicity with criminal gangs.

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