Kibbutz in Northern Israel Decided to Cancel Racist Ben Gvir’s Conference

Racist politician Itamar Ben Gvir campaigned from the streets of a small kibbutz in northern Israel, Ayelet Hashahar, on Thursday, after a planned appearance at a community building was canceled by members who opposed hosting the fascist Religious Zionism leader. Recent polls have indicated the party could become the third-largest party in Israel after the November elections.

Racist politician Itamar Ben Gvir campaigning from the streets of the small Ayelet Hashahar kibbutz in northern Israel on Thursday (Photo: social media)

Speaking through a megaphone and microphone amid protests against his visit, Ben Gvir railed against what he termed as “efforts to silence” him. The racist MK had initially been scheduled to appear at an election event at the kibbutz’s community building. However, the kibbutz’s banned Ben Gvir from using the building. In the last elections Religious Zionism received zero votes in the kibbutz. The appearance highly charged the kibbutz, with a number of protesters demonstrating against his visit with signs and yelling for him to “go home.”