Anti-Netanyahu Protesters Assaulted at Two Demonstrations

Left activists demonstrating against a return of far-right Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu to the premiership were assaulted in two different incidents on last Saturday night.

An anti-Netanyahu protester after he was assaulted in Hod Hasharon on last Saturday, September 17, 2022 (Photo: Crime Minister)

The first of two incidents on Saturday afternoon took place on Route 4’s Ramat Hadar Bridge outside Hod Hasharon where roughly 20 people were staging one of the several rallies held on a weekly basis at bridges and junctions throughout the country. In another incident at Haogen Junction, an anti-Netanyahu demonstrator said a young man got out of his car and began swearing at her. He then spit on the woman, grabbed her sign that read “No, Bibi. Yes, change.” and lit it on fire.

It was the second and third times that such assaults have taken place this month after anti-Netanyahu protesters had rocks thrown at them at a similar roadside demonstration at Rishonim bridge on September 3. Police arrested a father and his teenage son in the attack that left two of the protesters lightly injured.

The Crime Minister group, which helps organize the weekly protesters said afterward, “When Netanyahu’s poison machine incites and normalizes the most extreme elements, it’s no wonder that violence runs rampant. However, we will not be deterred. We will return en masse to the bridges and intersections to make sure he does not return. We defeated him in the past, we will defeat him again.” According Zo Haderech, anti-Netanyahu activists have been attacked in several occasions in the past by fascists particularly during the height of their demonstrations in 2020 when far-right opposition leader still held the premiership.