CPI Calls on Gov’t to Stop Attacks against Palestinian Prisoners

Massive rallies took place on Wednesday, September 8, across the occupied West Bank in support of Palestinian prisoners and condemning the administration of Israel’s Prison Service (IPS) for its brutal repression of and vengeful attacks against the incarcerated Palestinian “security prisons” following the escape of six of them from Gilboa Prison in the north of the country.

Palestinians demonstrate in Hebron Wednesday night, September 8, in solidarity with their incarcerated brethren.

Palestinians demonstrate in Hebron Wednesday night, September 8, in solidarity with their incarcerated brethren. (Photo: WAFA)

Fatah and other Palestinian movements called earlier on Wednesday “for an urgent popular uprising in all Palestinian cities, villages, and refugee camps, stressing that it will stand with the Palestinian people alongside the heroic prisoners, and will not abandon them in this battle.”

In the Nablus region in the north occupied West Bank, Israeli forces attacked on Wednesday a rally that took place near Huwwara military checkpoint with tear gas canisters and stun grenades, causing several demonstrators to suffer varying degrees of breathing difficulties. Hundreds of Palestinians also took part in a mass rally in Ramallah denouncing the Israel Prison Service’s collective punishment against all Palestinians incarcerated in Israel. Rallies, demonstrations and clashes were reported throughout the West Bank, reports indicating that clashes with Israel’s occupation forces took place in Hebron, Qalqilya, and Bethlehem.

The Communist Party of Israel (CPI) condemned on Wednesday evening the government’s escalation in its oppression and persecution of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons, and warned it to cease its intentional provocations of citizenry in Arab localities within Israel, particularly in the towns of Marj Ibn Amer (Jezreel Valley) and Wadi Ara.

“These vicious acts of aggression are merely a response of vengeance to assuage the wounded pride of the occupation – the IPS, the occupation and security services, following the escape of six prisoners from Shatta (Gilboa) prison,” the CPI said in a statement. “Israeli authorities must immediately halt these acts of aggression  and free prisoners jailed for resisting the occupation. The only guarantee for security. stability and peace is to end the occupation and to recognize the rights of the Palestinian people.”