Fidel Castro praises Venezuela’s assistance to Gaza Strip Palestinians

The historic leader of the Cuban revolution and former Cuban President, Fidel Castro, received the Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro at his home in Havana on Tuesday. Castro congratulated Maduro for his sending a plane of assistance to the population in Gaza, reported “Granma”. In his most recent article entitled “True Friendship,” Castro tells about his most recent meeting in Havana, on August 19, with Venezuela’s Maduro and he praises Venezuela’s assistance to the people of the Gaza Strip, under the atrocious Israeli attack.

“Yesterday, I had the visit by the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, who made a trip abroad related to the defense of important interest of his country in the oil sector,” Castro explains. He described his meeting with Nicolas Maduro as useful and says he praised his gesture with the people of the Gaza Strip, scene of the most dramatic events taking place in today’s world, which is the genocide of Palestinians by the Israeli forces and where 1.8 million people are trapped between the desert, the sea and the military might of a Middle East country.

The historic leader of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro and the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Havana on Tuesday (Photo: Prensa Latina)

The historic leader of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro and the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Havana on Tuesday (Photo: Prensa Latina)

“I congratulated Maduro for his extraordinary solidarity with the heroic people of the Gaza Strip,” Fidel writes in his article and recalls that as soon as news came in about the genocide and the large number of wounded and murdered children, mothers and people, Maduro ordered the shipment on a military cargo plane of medication and essential food to Egypt to have it reach Gaza and he sent his foreign minister to Cairo in order to get support for the operation. Since then, the courageous Venezuelan pilots have taken their humanitarian cargo that saves the lives of mothers, children and adults.”

President Maduro stressed in Caracas, on Wednesday, his meeting with the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, during his recent visit to Cuba. During the meeting of the National Commission to Fight Smuggling, Maduro mentioned the exchange, during which food supplies were one of the topics discussed.

Maduro pointed to the research underway on vegetable protein sources, being carried out jointly by teams from both nations. The leaders also discussed the situation in the Gaza Strip, and the offer Venezuela had made to the Palestinian people to receive its children who are victims of the Israeli aggression. “Fidel (Castro) was visibly moved by the announcement from Caracas to support the victims of those bombings,” the Venezuelan head of State said.


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