CPI Condemns Turkey’s Latest US-Backed Military Invasion of Syria

Following Turkey’s military invasion of Syria on Wednesday, October 9, the International Relations Committee of the Communist Party of Israel (CPI), released the following statement:

“With the blessing of the US imperialism, Turkey has launched new military operations in northern Syria against the country’s people. This latest invasion is a blatant and flagrant violation of international law and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria. Turkey’s invasion comes at a time when a glimmer of hope had appeared for the termination of the long bloody war.

The Turkish Communist Party (TKP): "Hands off Syria!"

The Turkish Communist Party (TKP): “Hands off Syria!”

“This new military operation reveals the insatiable aims of the Turkish regime that intends to definitively lay the groundwork, on Syrian territory as well, for further interference in Syrian internal affairs, intensifying the territorial fragmentation of a country that is experiencing the harsh consequences of a long-lasting civil war.

“The Erdogan regime, together with the intensification of the repression against the Kurds inside Turkey, is also aiming to exterminate the struggle of the Kurdish population of Syria, whose forces clashed heroically with the murderous ‘Islamic State’ (ISIS).

“The CPI expresses its solidarity with the people of Syria and its Kurdish population and the latter’s demand for autonomy in the framework of a unified Syrian Republic. In addition, the CPI expresses its solidarity with Turkish Communist Party and its internationalist policy.”