Refuser Tal Mitnick Exempted from Israeli Army After Six Months in Military Prison

Tal Mitnick (18), the first enlistment refuser since the beginning of the war in Gaza, was exempted on Wednesday, July 10, from military service. Beginning in December 2023, Mitnick was imprisoned for a total of 185 days in 6 consecutive sentences and has served the longest time in prison of any refuser in the past decade.

Young refusers during a demonstration against war and occupation in Tel-Aviv, June 10, 2024 (Photo: Mesarvot Network)

 “I’m relieved to be exempted after such a long time. luckily, I had an opportunity to play a part in the struggle against the war and the occupation. There are growing voices in our society that realize that only peace can guarantee security and that the only way to get out of the cycle and bring about a different future for both peoples is a ceasefire and a hostage deal.” Mitnick said.

In his refusal statement Mitnick wrote: “I love this country and the people here, because it is my home. I sacrifice and work so that this land will be one that respects others, one where you can live with dignity.” Despite being the first to refuse the ongoing war, Tal is the third refusenik that was released since its start. Refusnik Ben Arad is still imprisoned and is currently serving his third sentence by the end of which he’d have served 95 days in military prison. The conscientious objector Sofia Or was released by a military conscience committee on June 3 after serving 85 days in a military prison.