Protests in Israel Oppose Deadly Gaza Escalation

Protests leaded by Hadash and the Communist Party were held in several locations across Israel on Wednesday evening against the Israel Defense Forces’ deadly operation ongoing in Gaza, launched a day earlier. Protests were held in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Arrabah in the Galilee and other locations.

Hundreds, among them Hadash and Communist Party activists, gathered opposite the headquarters of the Israeli army in central Tel Aviv on Wednesday evening, May 10, 2023, to rally against the military escalation in Gaza. (Photo: Zo Haderech)

At the same time, MK Ofer Cassif (Hadash-Ta’al) decried at the Knesset plenum the “massacre in Gaza,” saying that it was aimed solely at “keeping the party of racist filth in the government” — a reference to Ben Gvir and his far-right Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) party.

On 9 May 2023, before dawn, the Israeli military launched an operation codenamed “Shield and Arrow.” On 9 May and in the afternoon of 10 May, Israeli forces carried out airstrikes and shelling on multiple targets across the Gaza Strip. In the afternoon of 10 May, Palestinian armed groups in Gaza fired numerous rockets from multiple locations towards Israel.   

As of noon on 10 May, the United Nations (UN) had verified the killing of 16 Palestinians, including ten civilians, four members of armed groups and two whose status is yet to be confirmed. Among the civilians were three girls, one boy, four women and two men. The Gaza Ministry of Health (MoH) has reported an additional four fatalities today; this information is not yet verified by the UN. 

As of 16:30 on 10 May, according to the Gaza MoH, 42 Palestinians have been injured, including children and women. Some of the wounded are reportedly in critical condition.  Twenty-eight families, comprising 144 people, whose homes were destroyed or damaged in the 9 and 10 May airstrikes, have been internally displaced. All are staying with host families.  According to the Gaza Ministry of Public Works and Housing, 11 housing units have been destroyed and 27 housing units have been severely damaged and became uninhabited. In addition, 139 housing units have reportedly been otherwise damaged. 

The Israeli authorities have kept their two crossings with Gaza closed for the second consecutive day. People who hold Israeli issued permits, have not been allowed in and out and essential commodities, including food and fuel, have not entered. Among those unable to exit were 142 referred patients and their companions, with scheduled appointments at medical facilities in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, or in Israel. Five of the patients reportedly need lifesaving interventions that are not available in Gaza.