President Herzog Meets with Hadash-Ta’al for Judicial Reform Negotiations

President Isaac Herzog met Wednesday with representatives of several opposition factions as negotiations on the far-right government’s plans to radically remake the judicial system entered a second day.

President Isaac Herzog meets with representatives of Hadash-Ta’al at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem, March 29, 2023 (Photo: GPO)

Herzog held talks with Hadash-Ta’al, Labor and Ra’am marking the latest round of meetings since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday announced a pause on the coalition’s legislative push in the face of mounting nationwide opposition to the overhaul.  Hadash-Ta’al’s delegation included all of its MKs: Ayman Odeh, Ahmad Tibi, Aida Touma-Sliman, Ofer Cassif and Youssef Atawna.

Hadash-Ta’al, told Herzog that it has “no trust” in the pause declared by Netanyahu, because “past experience.” “We oppose the transparent efforts to hinder the protests,” said. “This is the time to establish full democracy and equality and not to suffice with returning to the status quo.”

Hadash-Ta’al laid out its position regarding the negotiation in a statement following the meeting. “We oppose the transparent attempts to derail the protests. Broadening the democratic space is a worthy goal, but we will not agree to go backwards. This is the hour to establish a full and equal democracy and not suffice with returning to the status-quo,” the parliamentary faction said.

“Democracy is social justice for all and equal national and civil rights. We have no trust in Netanyahu’s suspension of the reform announcement due to past experience. Hadash-Ta’al warned against forming a private militia commanded by the convicted criminal Ben-Gvir which will mostly harm Arabs, but will also turn against the protestors. Its formation must be blocked with all possible power as part of the fight against the judicial overhaul,” the faction said.