Fascists Call on to Stop Rapper Performance at Tel Aviv University

Tel-Aviv University student-activists belonging to fascist Im Tirtzu movement have demanded that Tamer Nafar, a prominent Arab-Palestinian rapper, be prevented from entering the university campus. Nafar has been invited to perform at an event to be held next Tuesday by the TAU university’s Hadash chapter, the student organization affiliated with the Hadash front.

Tamer Nafar, the prominent Arab-Palestinian rapper (Footage: Channel 12 News)

Orit Eliyahu, Im Tirtzu’s coordinator at TAU, “We call on the student union and the University administration not to authorize this event until it has been clarified that this inciteful singer will not be coming.”

In February 2022, Minister for Social Equality Merav Cohen decided to remove a video of Nafar from an educational program. The video was aired as part of a campaign to stop violence against women. Cohen’s decision was made in the wake of multiple appeals from far-right organizations.

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