3 indicted for shooting at Maki and Hadash Branch in Sakhnin

Three men from the Galilee were indicted with charges related to the recent attack on the Communist Party of Israel (Maki) and Hadash branch in Sakhnin on October 31. Several bullets were fired at the northern city’s branch.

The shots at the front door of the CPI and Hadash branch in Sakhnin (Photo: Al-Ittihad)

According to the indictment, Mu’alman Ba’alla Asala, age 20, Gohad Abu Reya, age 19, and Omri Shlata, age 21, planned and carried out the shooting at the shared Sakhnin office of Maki and Hadash.

This is not the first time that gun violence has affected Hadash members in Sakhnin. On December 13, 2019, shots were fired at the home of the city’s mayor, Dr. Safuat Abu Riya, who is a member of the Hadash party. Abu Riya’s car was torched and the home faced additional property damage. At the time of the attack, Abu Riya was abroad, and no injuries or casualties were reported.

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