Israelis Living Abroad Begin Holding Anti-Netanyahu Rallies

Israeli expatriates held a number of anti-Netanyahu rallies over last weekend in the US, the UK, Germany and Australia. In San Francisco, dozens of Bay Area Israelis demonstrated Friday, July 31, in solidarity with the ongoing wave of protests calling for the resignation of the far-right prime minister.

The dozens of demonstrators who took part held signs with slogans against Netanyahu that referenced his indictment on corruption charges and accused him of harming Israel’s democracy. The rally was held near the Golden Gate Bridge, in a nod to recent demonstrations held at bridges and highway overpasses across Israel each weekend. The event was put together by an activist group called “UnXeptable” which says Netanyahu’s legal woes make him incapable of serving as prime minister.

A demonstration took place outside the Israeli embassy in London on Sunday, August 2, as did additional protests in New York’s Washington Square, in London and in Berlin.

The Bay Area activists are also in touch with Israeli expats who want to organize protests in Boston and Seattle as well as with and activists who have already demonstrated against Netanyahu in Sydney.