Tonight: Demonstration in Haifa against Racist “Nation-State” Law

The Communist Party of Israel (CPI) and Hadash will hold tonight (Saturday, August 4) yet another demonstration against the “Nation-State” Law, this one outside the home of a senior member of the far-right coalition, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, at Hayarkon Street 45, Haifa beginning at 20:00.

Kahlon and Netanyahu seated at the cabinet table - "Revoke the Racist 'Nation-State Law'"

Kahlon and Netanyahu seated at the cabinet table – “Haifa, Saturday evening, August 4: Revoke the Racist ‘Nation-State Law'”

Kahlon said Thursday, August 2, that the recently-passed racist law “was a mistake that needs to be corrected,” as was another law denying gay men from the right to use surrogacy to father children. He became the second minister in as many days to condemn the racist legislation and suggested tailoring the “Nation-State” law in order to maintain equal rights for Israel’s Arab-Druze community. “The legislation was done hastily and we need to fix it,” Kahlon said of the “Nation-State” bill, passed last week, which his Kulanu party MKs, as members of the government’s coalition, voted in favor of. In his statement Kahlon disingenuously ignored the harm done by the law to non-Druze Palestinian citizens of Israel, who constitute more than 90% of the indigenous Arab citizens of Israel. Tonight’s demonstrators will certainly remind him of his omission.

Next Saturday night, August 11, a mass demonstration sponsored by the Follow-Up Committee of the Arab Citizens in Israel will be held at Rabin Square, in Central Tel Aviv, against the racist law.