Hadash Unequivocally Opposes Trump’s New “Peace Initiative”

The administration of US President Donald Trump is planning to table a proposal to recognize a Palestinian state, without requiring the demolition of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian occupied territories. Saturday night, November 18, Channel 12 News reported that Trump would propose that the Palestinian Authority declare “full independence” alongside Israel, complete with US recognition and a “plan for economic support by the Sunni Arab countries, headed by Saudi Arabia.” Channel 12 said the plan accepts Israel’s demand to maintain a military presence in the Jordan Valley, as well as plans for talks over Jerusalem and the move to there of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv.

Hadash (The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality) has attacked the so-called new US “peace initiative.” Hadash MK and leading Communist Party of Israel activist MK Aida Touma–Sliman (Joint List) rejected the possibility that the United States could broker a deal between Israel and the Palestinians because Washington has always supported Israel’s position. “Trump is promoting a dangerous move that exploits the regional situation in order to impose an agreement that does not meet the national needs of the Palestinian people and severely harms its right to freedom and independence,” Touma-Sliman said. “Any peace agreement between Israel and Palestine must be based on a complete withdrawal by Israel to the June 4 1967 borders, the evacuation of the settlements, the recognition of East Jerusalem as capital of the future Palestinian state, and a fair solution to the refugee issue,” she added.