CPI: A letter in solidarity with the Sudanese CP and people

We, at the Communist Party of Israel, have been following with great concern and fury the ongoing repression and wrongdoings by Albashir’s government in Sudan: from the outrageous price increases which only exacerbate the dire situation of the Sudanese people, already burned out by extreme poverty; through the mass repression and detentions of opposition leaders such  as Comrades Sidig Yousif and Mirghany Atta, up to the violent and brutal murders of tens of peaceful demonstrators throughout the country. At the same time, we have been witnessing with great admiration and support the revolutionary courage and heroism of the Sudanese masses in general and of the SCP in particular in your struggle against the regime and for democracy and justice in Sudan.


It is clear that, as opposed to the situation in Syria, the imperialist interests of the USA and their capitalist allies within and outside of Sudan prevent them from condemning the murderous regime of Albashir’s and from standing side by side with the people of Sudan. The CPI unequivocally expresses its support for your struggle against al reactionary and repressive forces, and wishes you best revolutionary greetings and success.

With you, we say: Freedom to Sudan! Revolution till final victory! Down with the regime!

Comradely yours,

Dr. Ofer Cassif

Head of the International Relations Committee of CPI