MK Khenin: A terrorist attack on democracy


MK(Member of  the Knesset – the Israeli Parliament)  Dov Khenin

Opposition MKs protested raising the electoral threshold and limiting no-confidence votes as the Knesset Law, Constitution and Justice Committee continued debating electoral reform Monday. According to opposition MKs, the meeting should not have taken place during the Knesset’s recess, which ends in two weeks, and they managed to divert the discussion from the planned topic – limiting the number of ministers to 19 – to the articles of the bill that bothered them the most.

fOpposition MKs focused on the planned electoral- threshold increase from two percent to 4 and the limitation of no-confidence motions to once a month. “This proposal is a terrorist attack on the democratic system,” MK Dov Khenin (Hadash) said. “It’s meant to give power to a minority clique and harm the rule of the majority. All the other maladies of this bill are much easier to solve. So we are going to hold the entire discussion as though the bill’s basic purpose were to destroy the democratic fabric of Israeli society.”