Israeli Army Jails Two Occupation Objectors for Fourth Time

For the fourth time, the Israeli army sent two occupation objectors to jail on Monday, January 9, just five days after they had finished serving their third sentence in military prison. Reporting once again to the Tel Hashomer military induction base, Tamar Ze’evi, 19, and Tamar Alon, 18, reiterated their refusal to join the army and take part in the occupation. Each of them was sentenced to another 30 days’ detention. The army also decided to separate the two women, sending them to different prisons. By the end of this latest period in jail, each will have spent a total of 74 days behind bars for refusing to serve in the army.

A demonstration in solidarity with Tamar Alon and Tamar Ze'evi near Military Prison 4, December 25, 2016

A demonstration in solidarity with Tamar Alon and Tamar Ze’evi near Military Prison 4, December 25, 2016 (Photo: Messarvot)

Standing at the entrance to the induction center, the two young objectors said: “The choice to refuse army service is one of the stepping stones to turning life in this homeland into one of peace, freedom and fellowship. In our refusal to take part in a system of oppression, we are in solidarity with everyone who is being denied the freedom of choice.”

Alon’s mother and former Peace Now movement leader, Moria Shlomot, posted to Facebook on Tuesday saying: “Scared of an alliance of two brave women? Yesterday evening the two Tamars were again sentenced, receiving a 30-day jail term for their refusal to take part in the occupation. When they arrived at Prison Six they were told that this time round they were being separated, and that Tamar Alon, my beloved daughter, was being sent back to be arrested at the induction base before being transferred to Prison Four.” “At night, during the telephone conversations they were allowed to make to their parents, the two said that despite the difficulties their spirits were holding strong!” Corinne Ze’evi, Tamar Ze’evi’s mother, said on Tuesday that “Tamar’s actions again give me the hope and desire to act, before despair.”