Israeli Occupation Forces Storm Kadoorie University in West Bank

Early Thursday morning, November 17, Israeli occupation forces stormed into the campus and main administration building of Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie near Tulkarm, breaking into the computer center and absconding with electronic files including some from the surveillance camera archives.

Israeli military forces after forcibly entering Kadoorie University

Israeli military forces after forcibly entering Kadoorie University (Photo: Surveillance Cameras)

Heavily armed Israeli troops assailed the university campus at 3:30 a.m. and forced the security guards to open the main gates The soldiers then went to the computer center in the administration building, “broke down the doors and stole contents and electronic materials and recordings of university surveillance cameras,” according to a statement issued by the university.

The university condemned the act, which it said “is a continuation of a series of Israeli military violations which have threatened the lives and safety of the students.” It noted that since 2000, Israeli military forces have raided the university campus over 85 times, triggering clashes with students and even opening fire at them.

The university called for human rights organizations and media officials to intervene and ensure a safe educational environment. It urged human rights groups to intervene immediately to put a stop to such Israeli acts and protect the academic process at the university. The “Academia for Equality” in Israel sent a letter on Friday, November 18, in solidarity with the Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie. “Academia for Equality” is an Israeli organization with over four hundred academics committed to a just peace with the Palestinian people and to social justice within Israeli society.


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