Tel-Aviv: An original theater show by a group of asylum seekers from Sudan


The Garden Library presents: “One Strong Black”, an original Sudanese theater show initiated by a group of asylum seekers from Sudan. Next Saturday, June 22, 8:00 PM, at The Garden Library in Lewinsky Garden, South Tel-Aviv, near the Central Bus Station.

The show tells the story of a Sudanese asylum seeker in Israel, and wishes to create a discussion and a change of thought regarding this community in Israel. The show is performed both in Hebrew and Arabic. The event will include live music shows from the different asylum seekers communities before and after the show. Music will start at 7:00 PM.

The Garden Library in Lewinsky Garden, South Tel-Aviv (Photo: The Garden Library)

The Garden Library for Refugees and Migrant Workers was founded in 2009 as a social-artistic urban community project by ARTEAM, an interdisciplinary art collective. The library is located in the Lewinsky Park, by the Tel Aviv central bus station. It has no walls or door. It is comprised of two bookcases, which are supported by the walls of a public shelter located in the heart of the park. The taller structure contains books for the adult readers. It is transparent and illuminated from within so that, at night, the books glow in the park. Across from it is a shorter – children’s height – cabinet. The doors to the small cabinet swing down to form a parquet floor for the children to sit on and review the books. The library contains approximately 3,500 books in Mandarin Chinese, Amharic, Thai, Tagalog, Arabic, French, Spanish, Nepalese, Bengali, Hindi, Turkish, Romanian, Sinhala, Tigrinya, and English. The children’s cabinet also holds books in Hebrew. All activities are provided free of charge by volunteers.