Israeli-Palestinian Freedom March; Decade for Combatants for Peace

This Friday, July 15, Israelis and Palestinians will be holding the eighth monthly Freedom March against the occupation organized by Combatants for Peace and the Standing Together.  These joint marches for peace, independence, and justice for both peoples began late last year and will take place on the first Friday of every month until the occupation is ended.

The last Freedom March held on June 3, 2016

The last Freedom March held on June 3, 2016 (Photo: Standing Together)

At the same time, this coming Freedom March will mark a decade of joint Palestinian-Israeli activism in Combatants for Peace (CFP): “A decade of resisting the Occupation; a decade since a group of Israelis — former soldiers who decided to act in order to end the Occupation, and a group of Palestinians who had had enough of the armed resistance decided to meet.” “On Friday, July 15th, at 13:30 we will march together in the Israeli-Palestinian Freedom March and say: there is another way, and we will continue to take it until the Occupation ends — until we are all free of oppression and fear”.

According to CFP: “During the march we will be accompanied by Alistair Little and Jerry Foster, respectively a Catholic and a Protestant, former combatants from the two opposing sides of the conflict in Northern Ireland. Their story inspires us and marks the future we all hope for. Come and march with us.”

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