Demonstrations, Marking 49 Years of Occupation, in Palestine & Israel

“Forty-Nine Years of Occupation – Palestinians and Israelis change direction and march together in the Freedom March,” reads the invitation for a rally to be held tomorrow, Friday June 3, at the Tunnels Checkpoint, south of occupied East Jerusalem starting from 1:30 pm. The demonstration is being organized by “Combatants for Peace” and “Standing Together,” the two groups who started holding a monthly march against the occupation at this location on the first Friday of each month since December of last year.

"49 years too long. Together, Palestinians and Israelis are changing direction. Come!"

“49 years too long. Together, Palestinians and Israelis are changing direction. Come!”

The invitation continues: “After forty-nine years of despair, hatred, violence, and fear, now it’s time to move on! It’s time to be free of the Occupation. Forty-Nine years of full control over the Palestinians have led us to an unprecedented nadir daily being manifested in racism, extrajudicial executions, arrests of minors and expulsions of individuals. Forty-Nine years of control over an entire nation have raised a generation which has known only war, threats, hatred and hostility towards another nation. It is finally time to change directions — to respect the rights of both peoples to live independently and justly and to release them both from the bonds of occupation.”

“Join us in marking the 49th anniversary of the Occupation with a large joint Israeli-Palestinian demonstration against continued control; to show that there is an alternative to this reality; to cry out against those who promise us that we are all destined to forever live by the sword.”

Also on the eve of the 49th anniversary of the start of the occupation, Women in Black, will hold special protest vigils tomorrow, Friday, June 3, starting at 1 pm at four different locations: at Jerusalem’s Hagar Square (Paris Square); at the entrance to Kibbutz Gan Shmuel; in Tel Aviv, at the corner of King George Street and Ben Zion Boulevard, and in Haifa, at the corner of Ben Gurion Boulevard and Hagefen Street. The invitation to the vigils being organized by Women in Black reads: “Women and men, come join us to protest 4​9​ years of one long disaster! End the occupation!”

Transportation to the demonstration at the Tunnels Checkpoint: From Tel Aviv – at 11:45 am from the Arlozorov (Merkaz Savidor( Train Station; from Jerusalem – at 12:30 pm from the Liberty Bell Park (Gan Ha’Paamon). Transportation from Haifa and Be’er Sheba will also be available on request.

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