5,000 Jewish and Arab peace activists rallied East Jerusalem against settlers

The protestors gathered in a soccer field in the neighborhood and waved Israeli and Palestinian flags before marching towards the Tomb of Simon the Just.  A leading Communist Party of Israel member, MK Dov Khenin noted that “any political agreement will require Jerusalem’s division and these settlements are aimed at preventing peace.”  Protesters carried Red banners and Palestinian flags and chanted “Stop the destruction of homes” and “There is no sanctity in an occupied city.” 

Thousands of Jewish and Arab peace activists rallied tonight at Sheikh Jarrah



For the past six months, a group of Israeli peace activists have demonstrated every Friday in the East Jerusalem neighborhood, protesting the takeover of Palestinian homes by settlers.


Last week, the demonstrators asked Jerusalem police for permission to hold a large rally in the street leading to a contested house, to protest against the settlers and show solidarity with the Palestinian residents of the neighborhood. Several Palestinian families of Sheikh Jarrah have been expelled in recent months in favour of Israeli settlers. The evictions led to demonstrations that were put down by the police who arrested dozens of Israeli peace activists.The police refused to authorize the rally and instead approved a much smaller gathering at a soccer field situated 300 meters from the home. The demonstrators said that the field is surrounded by a wall, it cannot be seen from the outside and is entirely cut off from the area near the contested home, which is the main focus of the protest.


Supreme Court justices were highly critical of the Jerusalem police decision this week after they refused the request by demonstrators. “The police are taking the right to demonstrate 30 years backward,” Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch said during deliberations.