Hadash: Solidarity with Susya residents

Hadash MK’s Afo Agbaryeh, Hanna Sweid and Dov Khenin visited this week the Palestinian Susya village, along with Rabi Arik Asherman of Rabbis for Human Rights. This Friday, Israelis will stand in solidarity with the Palestinians of Susya to oppose the Israeli authorities’ plan to wipe out the entire village following demolition orders issued by the Supreme Court and occupation forces.


In the photo: Hadash MK’s Afo Agbaryeh, Hanna Sweid and Dov Khenin at Palestinian Susya village (Photo: Rabbis for Human Rights)

The Palestinian village of Susya in Area C of the southern West Bank is under threat of destruction, following the June 7 decision by the Supreme Court to issue demolition orders for the 52 structures that comprise the village. The decision is based on the fact that Palestinians there are “building illegally without permits” – like essentially everywhere in East Jerusalem and Area C of the occupied West Bank.

Residents of Susya suffer from continuous harassment and abuse by Israeli settlers and by the army. For over a decade, Israeli activists have been trying to assist the people of Susya fight the legal battle to keep them on what is left of their lands, celebrating weddings and births with them, cleaning wells, putting up solar-energy installations in the village, and standing by them in their homes and fields when confronted with settlers and the army.