Campaign Launched to Donate Olive Trees to Palestinian Farmers

Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) has launched a new campaign to raise funds for donating olive trees to Palestinian farmers. $10 buys one sapling for a Palestinian farmer who has either had his trees damaged or destroyed by Israeli settlers, or lives in an area in danger of being taken-over or expropriated by settlement expansion.


For the last ten years RHR has planted olive trees with Palestinian partners in the Occupied Territories. In its campaign, Rabbis for Human Rights maintains: “As we witness new levels of vandalism against these ancient and precious trees, we see our mission as more urgent and valuable than ever. More than an international symbol of peace, our olive trees also represent the mending of injustice and wrongs between Israeli Jews and Palestinians. Hope coming alive, these trees will one day bear beautiful olives that will benefit generations of Palestinians to come.”