Fascism is Not OK: Several Demonstrations by Israeli Expatriates

Several hundred protesters gather in New York City last week to decry far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government’s planned judicial overhaul.

The crowd in Washington Square Park bears Israeli flags and signs that read, “Democracy now and for all,” “Israel democracy, not demockracy,” and “Fascism is not ok.” Speakers address the crowd in Hebrew and English and lead chants of “From the river to the sea, all people must be free.”

Israeli demonstrators on past week in Boston (Photo: Saving Israeli Democracy)

Israeli expatriates opposed to the new far-right government planning a series of demonstrations across Europe, Australia and the United States this weekend in solidarity with the massive demonstrations held on Saturday nights in Israel in recent weeks.

Rallies are slated to be held today (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday) in Basel, Berlin, Boston, Barcelona, Cambridge (UK), Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami. München, New York, Oslo, Paris, Roma, San Francisco, Seattle, Sidney, Sofia, Torino, Toronto, Vancouver and Washington DC.

“The people of Israel protested en masse against Dictatorship. Israeli ex-pats and Jewish people around the world will join around the world to Save Israeli Democracy,” UnXeptable, one of the two groups behind the initiative, wrote on Facebook. “The basis of Israel’s existence is under attack — it’s democracy,” the Defend Israeli Democracy group, explained, calling on people “from Vancouver to Sydney to take part in the fight to stop the coup d’état, to make our voice heard in the war for democracy.”ראש הטופס

UnXeptable was previously behind a series of demonstration in 2020 in which Israelis living in the United States and other countries around the world joined the wave of protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, denouncing the corruption charges against him and his government’s failed handling of the coronavirus crisis.

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