Greetings to Sweden

Tel Aviv, 7.10.2014

Dear Sir, Madame,

The Communist Party of Israel (CPI), Arabs and Jews alike, congratulate Mr. Stefan Löfven, leader of the Social Democratic Party of Sweden, on his appointment to Prime Minister and the formation of a new leftist government in Sweden. We are especially delighted and salute Mr. Löfven and the new government on their intention to recognize a Palestinian state alongside the state of Israel and the two-states solution that the CPI has been supporting since 1947.

Sweden flag

The CPI considers the Swedish people and government as an important ally in the struggle against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and for the achievement of a just and lasting peace between Israel and its neighbors. Such a peace will be based on establishing an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel, in the June 4th 1967 Green Line Border, with East Jerusalem as its capital; dismantling all the Israeli settlements and the Separation Wall; release of all Palestinian prisoners held inside Israeli jails; solving of the problem of Palestinian refugees according to UN resolutions; complete Israeli withdrawal from the Arab-Syrian occupied Golan heights; complete Israeli withdrawal from the Lebanese occupied Shebaa farms; and achieving a Middle East free from nuclear weapons and other WMDs, based on the International NPT.

We herewith convey our deep sympathy and greetings.

Mohammed Nafa’h

Secretary General of the Communist Party of Israel