Wed., June 23: Webinar on Recent Violent Events at Israeli Campuses

On Wednesday, June 23, the organization Academia for Equality in Israel will be holding a webinar in which Arab-Palestinian students studying on Israeli campuses will describe some of what they have been seeing, hearing, and experiencing in recent weeks.

For eleven days in May 2021, the world watched in horror as Israel engaged once again in a relentless and inhumane military assault on the Gaza Strip. This brutal military attack followed days of organized and provocative violence that threatened the celebration of the holy month of Ramadan in East Jerusalem, coupled with threats of evictions of Palestinian refugee families from the city’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

Hadash student caucus demonstration against the occupation of the Palestinian territories, Tel Aviv University, December 19, 2020

Hadash student caucus demonstration against the occupation of the Palestinian territories, Tel Aviv University, December 19, 2020 (Photo: Activestills)

Few international media outlets reported on the systematic series of violent attacks on Arab faculty and students in academic institutions across Israel during those days: Peaceful Arab-Palestinian protesters were assaulted by racists Jewish activists while police stood by and watched; Palestinian students were attacked or threatened by campus security; others were arrested at random, some beaten and humiliated while in police custody; many students fled their institutions mid-semester in fear of their lives and safety. Only a few academic institutions commented on these events, and none offered students any long-term reassurance.

Wednesday’s webinar is being organized by Academia for Equality in Israel, a left-wing organization of more than 600 members in academia who teach and conduct research at universities and colleges in Israel. The event is being co-sponsored by a large number of academic centers and solidarity organizations.

Opening remarks will be made by Nadia Abu El-Haj (Anthropology Department, Society of Fellows & Center for Palestine Studies, Columbia University). The webinar will be moderated by Areej Sabbagh-Khouri (Sociology and Anthropology Department, Hebrew University, Academia for Equality).

Speakers will include: Rabea Eghbariah (Lawyer with the Adalah Legal Center, and SJD student at Harvard Law School); Arees Bishara (Sociology PhD student and researcher, Academic and social coordinator of Sawa Program, Tel Aviv University); Eman Suliman & Khalid Ghnaem (Students at Ben-Gurion University); Yara Shahine Gharablé (Social and political activist from Jaffa, studying history and gender studies in Tel Aviv University); Rafat Abu Aish (Journalist and activist, law graduate, Lakiya village, Naqab-Negev).

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, June 23, between 20:30-22:00 Israel/Palestine time / 13:30-15:00 EDT / 12:30-14:00 CDT / 10:30-12:00 PDT.

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