Joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony to Be Held This Evening

This year’s joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony, co-hosted by Combatants for Peace and the Parents Circle – Families Forum, will be held as a virtual event today, Tuesday, April 13 at 20:30 (8:30pm) Jerusalem time.

The virtual event provides an alternative to the official commemoration services held during Israel’s Memorial Day, commencing this evening at 20:00, which justifies the political status quo, and asserts militarized nationalism and a narrow, one-sided narrative. In doing so, the joint event provides a unique opportunity for Israelis and Palestinians to both grieve together and stand strong in demanding an end to occupation and the cycle of violence.

Combatants for Peace, has written, that this evening’s alternative ceremony “honors the lives lost in the conflict on both sides, and builds a new narrative: rejecting violence, the occupation, and embracing another way. Year after year, the growing popular success of the event models for more Israeli, Palestinian and international audiences that non-violent, binational cooperation and humanization is feasible. We believe in peace and reconciliation.”

Tomorrow, Yesh Gvul’s Alternative Torch-Lighting Ceremony

Tomorrow, Wednesday evening, April 14, Yesh Gvul will be holding its 24nd annual alternative torch-lighting ceremony at the beginning of Israel’s Independence Day festivities. As happens annually, hundreds will gather in front of the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem to honor prominent activists who “dedicate their time and energy to lighting up the dark corners of Israeli society and politics, today and always.”

Founded in 1982 in the shadow of the First Lebanon War, Yesh Gvul attempts to provide support to conscientious objectors and refuseniks: Israelis who object to all or some forms of service in the country’s military due to the occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Links to view this evening’s joint Israeli-Palestinians Memorial Ceremony

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