Hadash demonstrators accused the government of war crimes; rightists called for ‘death to the Arabs’

Hundreds of Jews and Arabs, members of Hadash and the Communist Party of Israel” demonstrated in Mercaz Hacarmel, Haifa, on Saturday night against the Gaza operation, against racism and for a just peace between Israel and Palestine. They hoisted red banners and Palestinian flags. Hundreds of right-wingers staged a counter-protest, and hoisted Israeli flags and chanted “death to Arabs” and “death to leftists.” In Tel Aviv, dozens of right-wingers staged a violent counter-protest opposite the leftist demonstration against the Gaza operation. The right-wingers shouted at the demonstrators “traitors” and “go to Gaza.”

  The demonstration in Haifa in the today's (Sunday, July 20) edition of "Al Ittihad" Communist daily newspaper front-page

The demonstration in Haifa in the today’s (Sunday, July 20) edition of “Al Ittihad” Communist daily newspaper front-page

During the Haifa rally, fascist rioters throw stones and bottles at the left-wing protesters. Earlier, MK Mohammad Baraka, the Hadash chairman, who was present at the demonstration, said the protests were also against fascism in Israel. Buses carrying Hadash protesters who were coming to demonstrate against the Gaza operation were attacked. Several injuries were reported and the buses were damaged.  Altogether, 13 people were arrested, most of them Hadash members. In the demonstration in Tel Aviv, police arrested four right-wing protesters. The protest turned violent when right-wing activists hurled eggs and water bottles at those calling for Israel to get out of Gaza.