Unemployment in Israel Is at 23%

Some 23% of workers in Israel, 938,000 people, were unemployed at the height of the second coronavirus lockdown, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). The statistics refer to the first half of October and are based on a poll of the workforce. In the month before the second lockdown, unemployment was at 11.5%, according to the CBS.

"How to find a job during the time of the Corona virus"

“How to find a job during the time of the Corona virus” (Employment Service website)

The definition of unemployment used in this report is the bureau’s broad definition of unemployment that includes those who are unemployed, those on unpaid leave (determined by whether they were working during the week of the poll) and those who lost their job during the pandemic and are not currently seeking work.

The numbers appear to be lower than unemployment numbers from the first lockdown, during which over one million workers were unemployed, but the numbers are not comparable because the bureau has changed its definition and data reporting system since.