Communist Party of Israel in support of Turkish workers

The Communist Party of Israel (CPI) sent last week a letter in support of Turkish workers to the Communist Party of Turkey and the Labour Party (EMEP): “The Communist Party of Israel expresses its deep anguish, concern and rage over the criminal massacre committed by SOMA Komur Isletmeleri A.S. and its best ally – the government of Erdogan’s. The death of more than 300 workers and the injury of many more mine workers’, should never be considered as mere accident but as a clear-cut and immanent product of capitalist interests and policies whose gist is one: profit, which always comes at the expense of workers’ safety, well-being and needs. Indeed, as some demonstrators in Turkey have been justly shouting ever since the tragedy occurred: ‘It’s neither an accident, nor fate. It’s massacre. It’s murder. Don’t sleep Turkey. Wake up Soma!’


“We, at CPI, embrace such slogans and hold the privatization policy carried out by Turkish government and capitalists responsible for the Soma disaster and call for the nationalization of all mines and companies, for workers’ and popular power, for real and full democracy. The CPI conveys its condolences to the victims’ families, their co-workers, and the working class of Turkey as a whole.”


– DISK on Soma massacre

CP of Turkey – Statement on Soma massacre

CP of Turkey statement on soma massacre/en