Worker’s Hotline Provides Safety Guidelines for Agricultural Workers

The Israeli NGO Worker’s Hotline (Kav LaOved) has published an English-language booklet containing important information for all agriculture workers in Israel, both local and migrant, as well as for international students of agriculture.

From the cover of the booklet prepared by the Worker's Hotline, Working Safely in Agriculture

From the cover of the booklet prepared by the Worker’s Hotline, Working Safely in Agriculture

The booklet Working Safely in Agriculture covers the main issues agricultural workers should be aware of to stay safe in during their work including:

  • Risks of agricultural work that my result in death or lifelong disabilities
  • Rights of agricultural workers grounded in Israeli law intended to protect workers and which it is illegal for employers to disobey, including when the worker can say No to a demand to perform potentially dangerous tasks
  • How workers can protect themselves from risks due to exposure to the sun, animals and insects, working at heights, tractors and other agricultural machinery, pesticides and chemicals, explosive and toxic materials, electricity, pruning and picking, lifting weights, noise, working with animals, the firing of rockets, and earthquakes
  • What to do in case of an emergency or some other need

The booklet is available online as well as at the offices of Worker’s Hotline, 75 Nahalat Binyamin Street Tel Aviv-Yafo (Telephone 03-688-3766).

Worker’s Hotline also has also prepared a publication Migrant Agricultural Workers’ Rights Handbook detailing the rights of all agriculture workers in Israel, which can be downloaded from:

For more information, see the Workers’ Hotline English-language Website: