Tour in English to South Hebron Hills with Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence will be conducting an English-language tour to the South Hebron Hills this coming Wednesday, April 24. This region is one of the most rural areas in the occupied West Bank, and most of its Palestinian residents are poor, living in temporary structures and subsisting on farming and the grazing of flocks.

(Photo: Yesh Din)

The South Hebron Hills is one of the weakest most deprived and neglected areas in the occupied territories. In addition to a constant shortage of the most basic necessities, Palestinian residents of the area suffer from recurrent settler violence, as well as restrictions on movement, access to land and water resources, and home demolitions initiated by Israeli authorities.

The tour to the South Hebron Hills, led by former soldiers who broke the silence on their service in the occupied territories, reveals the injustices of the realities of the occupation in which they took part.

The tour will set out from Arlosoroff Station, Tel Aviv at 8:00 am on Wednesday, April 24.

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