Report Details How Settler Violence is Being Mobilized for Taking over Palestinian Land

“Here live enemies – Expel or kill!”

This slogan of incitement was graffitied by Jewish settlers in June 2018 on the walls of a home in the Palestinian village of ‘Urif, near the Israeli settlement of Yizhar.

This call for either transferring or exterminating the indigenous Arab population was spray-painted while the Israeli human rights organization Yesh Din was in the process of preparing a new position paper.

Both ironically and tragically, the hateful and dangerous message of the vandals sums up the main arguments of the organization’s report.

‘Urif: "Here live enemies – expel or kill"

‘Urif: “Here live enemies – expel or kill” (Photo: Yesh Din)

The newly released Yesh Din report Yitzhar – A Case Study details how settler violence is mobilized for taking over Palestinian land with state and military backing, while severely violating the human rights of Palestinians in the occupied territories. The latter, in turn, are forced to confine themselves to ever-shrinking spaces and live in constant fear, even inside their own homes.

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