Thursday, Sept. 27: English Tour in Hebron with “Breaking the Silence”

Breaking the Silence will be conducting an English-language tour in the Palestinian city of Hebron, next Thursday, September 27. Hebron is the second largest city in the West Bank and the only Palestinian city with an Israeli settlement in the heart of it. The tour is led by former soldiers who broke their silence on their military service in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and explores the harsh consequences of the policy of separation and the military presence in the city.

The tour will include the grave-site of mass-murder settler Baruch Goldstein in the Kiryat Arba settlement, the square of the Tomb of the Patriarchs, the dormant, former Palestinian wholesale market, Shuhada Street, and the four Israeli settlements in Hebron. Also included are a visit with Palestinian activists in the neighborhood of Tel-Rumeida and a new settlement point established in 2014, variously called the House of Contention, the House of Peace/Rajabi and the Brown House.

Participation in the tour is recommended for participants aged 16 and up.

Pick up: 08:45 Tel Aviv Arlozorov train station (“Savidor – Central Tel Aviv”).
Drop off: 16:00 Tel Aviv Arlozorov train station.

For further details and registration: