Israel Bars Palestinian Teen Ahed Tamimi from Traveling Abroad

Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi and her family are not allowed to travel abroad; a Palestinian Authority liaison committee informed the family recently after an inquiry was made with Israeli authorities.

An Israeli security source confirmed the family’s claim and told Haaretz that Israel’s internal security service, the “Shin Bet” made the decision. Ahed Tamimi and her mother were released from prison in July after serving eight months each. Last month, her brother Waed was sentenced to 14 months in jail for throwing stones at Israeli border police in an incident last year and another one the year before.

Ahed’s father, Bassem Tamimi, told Haaretz that the family had been invited by human rights groups to meetings in Europe and were scheduled to leave the country on Friday. However, officials in the Palestinian component in the joint Israeli-Palestinian District Coordination and Liaison informed Tamimi that their Israeli counterparts had told them the entire family – he, Ahed, Ahed’s mother Nariman and her two brothers – had been banned from traveling abroad. Tamimi said the family was to have gone on a 20-day trip for a series of preset meetings in Belgium, France and Spain.

Hadash Lawmaker Yousef Jabareen (Joint List) commented on the ban, saying: “Israel has imprisoned Tamimi in a vindictive move, and is now preventing her from telling her story to the world. An ‘economic and military world power’ is afraid of the story of a Palestinian girl? This ban is a confession that this is a heroic tale.”

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