Festive May Day Rallies, Meetings to Be Held throughout the Country

Commemorations for this year’s May Day, the International Workers’ Solidarity day, will take place with several rallies and meetings across Israel, including in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Beer-Sheva, Kufr Yassif in the Western Galilee, as well as in various others locations.

Activists from Hadash (The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality), the Communist Party of Israel (CPI) and the Young Communist League are involved in the planning and preparations for all these May Day events, collaborating with other leftists and militant union activists.

The central May Day demonstration being organized by Hadash and the CPI will be held, as every year, in Nazareth and will begin today (Saturday, April 28) at 10:30, with a mass march along Tawfiq Zyad street in the center of the city.

"May Day against Deportation," an announcement for the march to be held next Friday, May 4, in Tel Aviv

“May Day against Deportation,” an announcement for the march to be held next Friday, May 4, in Tel Aviv

In preparation for this year’s international day of workers’ solidarity, Hadash has published a statement in which it notes that in the past year “The number of strikes and workers’ striking for their rights and in defense of organized labor has increased. Large forces are now united by their understanding of their shared interests, as part of the 99% who are exploited by tycoons who, in Israel, enjoy economic tyranny sponsored by governmental policy.”

In Tel Aviv, social activists, youth groups, and left-wing political parties will convene on May 4 for the city’s May Day rally and parade. The march will begin at 12:30 am at Rothschild Blvd. and the corner of Allenby street, and continue to Levinsky Square in Southern Tel Aviv, where a rally will be held in the place when most of foreign workers and refugees live.

Speakers scheduled to appear at the rally include MK Dov Khenin (Hadash – Joint List) and representatives from unions and movements of the left. Among the organizers of the rally: Hadash, the (CPI) and the Young Communist League; Meretz, Standing Together, Worker’s Hotline, Janitors Union in Tel-Aviv University, Koah La’Ovdim Union and the Refugees Community Organization.

On May Day itself, Tuesday, May 1 at 19:00, a meeting will be held by Koah La’Ovdim in Jerusalem with the participation of Hadash MK Aida Touma-Sliman (Joint List) and union’s activists at the , Alliance House. At the same time, an additional meeting will be held at “Multaka-Mifgash” Center in Beer-Sheva to discuss current working class issues in Israel.