Communist Party of Israel mourns Juliano Mer-Khamis


The Communist Party of Israel (CPI) mourns the tragic slaying by masked gunmen of our friend Juliano (“Jules”) Mer-Khamis. He was a major figure in the struggle for a just peace and the forging of a new progressive society in Palestine and Israel based on human rights, freedom, equality and, not least, creative and critical expression.


Mer-Khamis, filmmaker, actor and the co-founder and director of the Freedom Theatre in Jenin, supported the work of the radical peace camp in Israel and frequently attended demonstrations and showing his films to activists and sharing his thoughts and personal vision.


Mer-Khamis was born in the city of Nazareth to a Jewish mother, Arna Mer, and an Arab-Palestinian father, Salivah Khamis, a very know leading member of the CPI. He was murdered in Jenin on Tuesday is being laid to rest today (Wednesday) at the kibbutz Ramot Menashe cemetery, where he will be buried next to his mother Arna Mer.