Hadash and CPI to Demonstrate This Monday: Trump Go Home!

Under the slogan “Trump Go Home!” Hadash and the Communist Party of Israel (CPI) will be holding a demonstration in front of the US Embassy in Tel Aviv this coming Monday, May 22, the day that the US president is scheduled to arrive in Israel.

According to Hadash and the CPI: “Trump and the American government’s policy are part of the problem, not the solution. After 50 years of occupation, it is clear that peace between Israelis and Palestinians can only be achieved through initiatives of the peoples living here, not through the interests of American imperialism, the greatest profiteer of the ongoing war, destruction and oppression in the region”.


US President Donald Trump’s visit to Israel is part of his whirlwind Middle East tour, aimed at strengthening the US’s position in the region while forging alliances with the Middle East’s most reactionary forces. “We know exactly what American intervention in our region means – the dismantling of states, the crumbling of peoples. The purpose of Trump’s visit is to strengthen the aggressive pact between Israeli leaders and reactionary Arab regimes that foster terror attacks against local peoples, with the intention of strengthening the American hegemony in this part of the world. In addition, to this – more violence, more settlements, and additional backing for Israel’s policy of occupation and rejection of peace.”

“President Trump has proven to be dangerously irresponsible from the very first weeks of his term – with attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan, missile attacks in Syria, and aggressive policies towards North Korea. In addition, Trump is deeply connected to the settlers’ lobby both in Israel and the United States – David Friedman, his appointed ambassador to Israel was president of the “Friends of Beit-El” in the United States. Netanyahu’s great patron and benefactor, the casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson, is also a Trump supporter During Trump’s visit to Israel, we will stand in front of the US Embassy in Israel and call: Donald Go Home!”

The demonstration will be held in front of the US embassy in Israel, 71 Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv, at 18:00.

The event in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1936881776543145